"Becoming More Fully Human: The Evolution"

International conference in honour of Virginia Satir's 100th
Birthday, her evolution, her work and her teachings.


It is with great excitement to announce that the Satir Institute of the Pacific (SIP) will be hosting an international conference in honour of Virginia Satir. This event is proudly supported by our title sponsor Virginia Satir Global Network. With this advance notice, we are seeking proposals for consideration in this world wide celebration conference.


Located at: “Sheraton Guilford Vancouver” Surrey, British Columbia Canada

June 24th to 26th, 2016

Pre-conference June 23rd, 2016


The objective for hosting this international conference is to provide diverse educational workshops in which persons may experience and learn in depth the Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy model. By offering a deep understanding of the Satir Model, individuals can develop and use the model in their personal and professional lives. Another purpose is to promote the development, study and research of the Satir Model internationally. By fostering and embracing strong and lasting fellowship among the members within the Satir community and others, we hope to build an energetic and passionate community committed to growth, change and transformation.